Parking & Transit Office

KU on Wheels works together with Lawrence Transit to provide safe, convenient, reliable and responsive public transit services to enhance the social and environmental well-being of the University of Kansas and wider Lawrence community.

Campus Closed 2/7/19

Bus routes 1-15 and 29 are operating today, with routes 11 and 29 on their B Schedules. Routes 27, 30-44 and SafeRide will not operate today.

Parking staff are working to clear parking lots today. Please be patient while we work to get to all of them, and refrain from parking in areas that have not been cleared yet, if at all possible.

Changes for Fall 2018

There are a significant number of changes to KU and coordinated routes this fall. In addition to this summary, routes and schedules are on the Lawrence Transit website.

  • Route 34 (NEW) - A new route along the eastern half of what used to be route 36. The route will operate along Maine to 6th, to Highpoint and back. There will be no service along Michigan/N Michigan north of 6th Street.
  • Route 36 (SPLIT & NEW SCHEDULE) -  Split in half, route 36 is now only the western half of the route from Jayhawk Boulevard via Emery Road to 6th & Gateway. This route will now operate every 20 minutes during the day.
  • Route 38 (REALIGNED) - This route will now turn north onto campus at Ousdahl Road, serving the new Stouffer Place Apartments and Central District buildings.
  • Route 42 (REALIGNED & NEW SCHEDULE) - This route will now serve the Central District and new residence halls along 18th Street. Sunnyside Ave has been eliminated from the route, to simplify the direction. The route will now operate every 10 minutes during the day.
  • Route 43 (REALIGNED) - This route will now travel west along Irving Hill Road, and one way (north) along Emery Road through Daisy Hill.
  • Route 44 (REALIGNED) - This route has been realigned to include the Central District. 
  • NEW EVENING HOURS ON KU ROUTES 11, 29, 30, 34, 36, 38 - We are pleased to announce that SafeBus service has been transformed into evening hours on all of the regular off-campus KU routes this fall! This will close the gap between the end of bus service and the beginninf of SafeRide hours. 
  • Route 44 Extended Night Service (NEW) - In addition to evening hours on all the routes, we've kept the most used SafeBus route, which has been changed slightly, and will operate every 20 minutes 10:30 p.m. - 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

Figure out how to get there

  • First-time rider? Try our Google Trip Planner - type in an origin and destination and see which routes it suggests.
  • Repeat rider? If you are more familiar with the system, you might find the Routes and Times more helpful.

If you need assistance, call (785) 864-4644. Or ask any bus driver - they are there to help!

Mobile Tools

Check out our mobile tools for finding out when the next bus is coming to your stop.

We have operated since 1971, and KU has owned its own wheelchair-accessible buses since 2007
Two routes (11 and 29) are co-funded by KU and Lawrence Transit
Students, staff, and faculty can ride any bus in town FREE with their KU Card
We keep items found on a bus for two weeks
For safety and efficiency, board at the front of a bus and exit at the rear
Game-day shuttles operate two hours before kickoff / tipoff
All buses have bike racks (first come, first served)
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t cross the street in front of a bus
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t run after a bus once it starts to pull away
We allow drinks in permanent travel mugs only. No paper or plastic drink cups
KU and Lawrence Transit gave 3 million rides in 2017.
KU on Wheels is funded by student fees and parking permit dollars.
KU off-campus routes will have service until 10:30 p.m. M-F beginning fall 2018.